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Arts & Music

Visual and performing arts are important elements within the daily rythm of the Ponderosa. The youngsters as well as many of the tutors and teachers like to express themselves through various forms of art and music. Together we investigate how we can achieve joint development with everyone’s talents, how everyone’s artistic character becomes visible and that everyone’s quality is valuable.

We play, compose and record   music together in various bands and jams. Using Apple computers with Logic X in our home-recording studio we do music recordings, video/music editing, track mixing and editing etc.

We perform and jam live on stages, parties, open jams, markets, small festivals and radio stations.

We make videos, design new games and do a lot of role-play. One oft he bigger projects ist the performance oft he musical Hamilton!

As for the visual arts,  lots of drawing and painting is going on. Next to that, stone, wooden as well as various other materials are available for creative projects. Our bright crafts and design room enables creative design and experimenting  in a free atmosphere.

This results into many different types of artwork, which is also featured on the Ponderosa website, on flyers, signs or nameplates as well as other individual products like land-art objects. Many a times the  creative process and relaxed atmosphere gives way to inspiring conversations.