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Educational guidance

Our learning guidance is based on dynamic values instead of standardized results. As soon as a young person has sufficiently arrived at the Ponderosa, the desire for education often arises again. Based on the young person’s deep relationship with the community, a clear picture has already arisen of how this young person learns, what his fears and blockages are and what his needs, talents and possibilities.

Learning support is about creating awareness at the thinking and action level of choices, learning paths and its consequences. They learn how to speak their own voice, how to formulate their learning goals and how to write and tell their own story.

The guidance is unique to each youngster. Different learning fields and subjects are offered and supported by means of guidance in self-study, group study and / or project-based learning and research. The full range of learn-able intelligences is covered and stimulated through the dynamic environment.

All phenomena within the community are seen as enriched learning resources and translated into real learning experiences. Reflection, deepening and sustainable internalization take place in accordance with their needs and their own personal way.

Real life learning also takes place during our workshops and workplaces where you can work on a project, if needed with guidance.

Bigger events also regularly take place, where the youngsters participate as a group and help – always by their own choice and with their own possible input. Experience has shown that these events are powerful learning experiences and of great value for their development.

It is important that everyone realizes that together we create a learning community. Learning takes place from and based on a natural entirety of processes which take place in the learning community, in our mini-society. You work together, you take care of yourself and each other.

For the youngsters who want to move on to further education, we offer guidance in obtaining a diploma through state exams, adult education programs, tailor-made online education programs and/or when appropriate, in collaboration with the regular school system.

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