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The Ponderosa Story

Drawing: Sietske Haan

The Ponderosa was founded in April 2012 in a former dove centre in Zutphen. On April 1st 2018 we moved to the Michaelshoeve premises in Brummen.

Over the last few years, more and more youngsters who arethink and experience differently, and who do not fit into the existing school system, have found a home at the Ponderosa.

Here, ‘learning for sustainability’ and ‘sustainable learning’ takes place. The life long learning concept is built upon ecological foundations.

Organically, with the help of many people who understand the place, many intitiatives have sprouted, like a repair cafe, a music studio, a music rehearsal room, a creative/herbal room, a Dungeons & Dragons room, permaculture workshops, beekeeping and a medicinal herbgarden . The Ponderosa has a strong identity and attracts many visitors from the Netherlands and abroad.

After 8 years, the Ponderosa is a place supported by many, where moments of serenity and dynamic activity altnerate. A committed group of permanent employees, together with the youngsters, musicians, artists, workhop students and visitors, make it a breeding ground for value based care and development.

Ponderar in Latin means ‘to ponder, think through’ or ‘to weigh up’. 
Pinus ponderosa is the name of a pine tree, originating from the North of America. At our previous location, two of those pine tries stood at the entrance of the builing.  “Ponderosa” is also the name of the ranch, where the renowned 60s’70’s tevision show “Bonanza” was filmed.