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Ponderosa Festival

After moving to Brummen last year, there was no 2018 edition of the infamous Ponderosa Festival (as part of the nationwide Fete de la Nature Festival).

In 2019 however, a complete new festival is in the making. Watch this space. More news soon!

Below the program and musical line up of the 2017 edition:

Opening: Festive tree planting with…

Anne Leeflang, project manager of Fete de la Nature; Tom van de Beek (board member of the NatuurCollege; Marijn van de Pas, vice president Fête de la Nature and some panelists linked to the Ponderosa.


Bloody Rosa – the one and only Ponderosa Band
Bicycle Repairman – lively rock from Zutphen
Young Tree – 8-member reggae band with groovy brass sound
Fluitekruid – Country tinted pop trio with a.o. Timo, (our woodman)
Edwin van Oranje en Henk Koorn (Hallo Venray) –the legendary duo of our Ponderosa Festival 2016
Zoética – soul, funk and reggae all the way from Scottish east coast
Jam session with MIX dancer and various musicians…

And furthermore…

Workshop ‘Permaculture for the whole family‘: on an exciting trip with Katharine Hone of Permaculture Zwolle and Stefan Hanstede
Lamp Recycled LP Lighting: Robin Bontebal of Recycled LP Lighting melts your old vinyl single or LP record, to make a unique lampshade! Bring it, and we will play it one last time before it goes into the oven!
The Treehouse Oracle of Babylon: ask your questions to the oracle and you will receive an answer that is almost as funny as it is deep.
Het Straatje van Vermeer showcasing the theatre production Knaboja


Happy Bar, fire soup, pizza’s from the clay oven, herbal teas, Lonneke’s cake, fries, and Eddy’s ice-cream!