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Repair Cafe

In our repair shop we can give many sorts of equipment a second life. Anything from amplifiers, vacuum cleaners and lawnmowers to trailers, go-karts, bicycles and chairs.

We like to buy stuff/things on ‘Marktplaats’ which we improve and sell again. This way we make a little extra money to buy new equipment and materials.

We are always willing to repair almost any of your equipment. Little effort and small costs. Beforehand we cannot guarantee success and we also cannot give an indication of how much time it is going to require. We do everything from full commitment and responsibility. Drop by with any of your belongings that needs fixing or send an e-mail to if you prefer us to come and pick it up.

We would love it if you would like to come and join our Repair Cafe as a volunteer to help it expand and to make sure it is being manned for at least half a day during the week.