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Space Invader

Most of our youngsters’ development has been blocked for various reasons. We want to inspire them to start creating their own development trajectory. We believe hearing about each other’s quests is very important and informative. This is the reason why we started the ‘Space Invader’ project.
We invite artists, entrepreneurs, thinkers, musicians among many others to come join us for lunch and while chit-chatting  sharing their personal quests and adventures. Somewhere throughout their life they made certain choices, sometimes instinctively, sometimes based on reason, sometimes through mere serendipity. What their right path is, they may only have understood in hindsight. The fact that you mainly need self confidence is an attitude that might not be as apparent to most youngsters. We hope through the many stories of the SPACE INVADERS to encourage the youngsters to see that they can find their own unique way. In our opinion, Space Invaders are examples of people who went their own way, who are so full of curiosity and adventure they do not follow the already paved paths.

We always provide lunch and a group of beautiful youngsters with a listening ear. During and after lunch the Space Invaders tell about themselves, show images, make music or create something right then and there. This is something one can personally decide on. Afterwards there’s room to deepen the experience through conversation and/or co-creation.

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