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After their time at the Ponderosa, our youngsters can continue their own unique path in various ways. Sometimes they return, fully or partially, to the regular secondary school system.

Youngsters who want to continue their path by going to college or university we offer guidance in order for them to pass their State Exams. In some cases we collaborate with regular secondary or adult education, or sometimes by means of an admission procedure. There are also youngsters who can start working at an organization or business. Some youngsters continue on their own path through a self created project/initiative as an entrepreneur.

The youngsters prepare for auditions and admission requirements to get into college or university during their time at the Ponderosa.

Through these different options one youngster passed the ‘pre-university education’ State Exams and another youngster is now working towards this diploma. Some of the youngsters returned to the regular secondary education system and one of our youngsters went to a vocational education college through an admission exam.