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“Einstein was one of the first in a long line of distinguished Institute scientists and scholars who have produced a body of knowledge of the physical world and of humanity that has prompted technological and cultural advances. Yet the Institute’s remarkable history does not seem to weigh heavily on current scholars and scientists. Instead, the atmosphere focuses on the present where every twist and hairpin bend changes our view. What do we know? What do we yet need to understand? How should we try to comprehend it? Fundamental research at the Institute furthers our grasp of a world of diverse facts, structures, ideas, and cultures. We share the conviction of our founders that such unrestricted deep thinking will change this world, but where and how is always a surprise.”

Robbert Dijkgraaf, Princeton Institute for Advanced Study

The practice of science at the Ponderosa characterizes itself through the fundamental curiosity based striving towards knowledge without taking into account its utility or any expectation to reach pre-determined goals. Academic freedom, the experiment, the right questions, deep thought, ability to associate, philosophical debate, emperical investigation and system thinking are much more important than reaching and following standardised  results.

Both western oriented science and eastern oriented wisdom inspire the discovery of sources of knowledge and ways of thinking, the development of original visions, ideas and technologies.